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PFLAG Pacific Northwest

Notices from the Washington State Volunteer Coordinator

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Agenda for April 7 conference call and minutes from March 3, 2009 call

Our next conference call will be at 7:30 p.m. on  Tuesday,
April 7.



Chapter Leaders may contact Kathy Reim with questions and ideas by
email at <> or by phone at 360-856-4676.

This is the link to the news article that appeared on Sunday in the local paper. It came about after I sent the press release about serving as regional director. I think increasingly our local news groups might be interested in local efforts that reflect the state and national news. It has taken a few years to build connections here. Don't give up...



Our state web site is a page on our Regional Web Site which is Be sure to send info on upcoming meetings
and events to Terry Rhines <> so that he can get
the info on our state web site for others to see. Also be sure to
check the site for interesting events in other communities.


Members Present: Kathy Reim (Skagit County/Sedro-Woolley) , Cesar Hernandez (National) , Teri  Noble (OR State Council) , John Rajcich (Hoquiam) , Nick (Bellingham), Barb Clark Elliot ( Seattle), Gabi Clayton, Bill Gross ( Vancouver), Marcie Mathis (Bremerton), Kevin (Walla Walla), Rosemary ( Bellevue), Mary Ann Nelson (Lower Columbia)


Kathy will be sending out control commands for the conferencing.

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