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Rainbows Over Tacoma

2008 Event - Description and Pictures

2008 Event

 Rainbows Over Tacoma Proved To Be A Great Evening
by Terry Rhines

Tacoma PFLAG's first large scale social event at the Washington State History Museum proved to be a great evening for those venturing out on a stormy February night. Over 200 individuals and couples from across a wide spectrum of the non-GLBT and GLBT communities attended the evening, with many dining at one of the five sponsoring restaurants before entering the Grand Lobby of the museum. Indochine was by far the most widely patronized restaurant by those completing an after-event survey but others also stopped by the Harmon Brewery, Rock Pizza, The Swiss or Paddy Coyne's either before the start of the evening's activities or afterward for a drink with friends. Our thanks to all 5 restaurants for supporting PFLAG in this endeavor. A special thanks also to the other members of the community who helped out with their advertising dollars.

The temporary galleries of the museum were open from 6 to 7:30 PM for our private party. Guests had an opportunity to view two unique exhibits: one of specially created art works around stained glass fragments collected by an Army Chaplain from bombed churches during WWII and one of unique works of art which were the basis of many US postage stamps created over the past few decades. Guests could also just meet friends in the Mt Tahoma auditorium lobby for a drink and chat before the evening entertainment.

The entertainers for the evening were an eclectic mix of mostly local Tacoma talent, with the one exception being Sylvia O'StayForMore, who fought Friday night traffic from Seattle to entertain the audience with two sets of banter and song. The evening opened with a performance art piece by Roberto Souza in Brazilian sign language to a song by Josh Groban called “You Are Loved”. John Hoover and James Maltos followed with three songs written by John, the first of which got everyone thinking about putting on their “Happy Pants” for the rest of the evening. John was followed by Sylvia, then Doni Phillips, who also performed original music before concluding with “Me and Bobby McGee”. The Oasis Youth Group took the stage after Doni with an original ensemble piece performed by 6 youth from Oasis. The first half of the program concluded with Galen Wicks and Taylor Richmond from Tacoma's School Of The Arts (SOTA) performing two numbers from the Broadway Musical “Avenue Q”.

After a brief intermission, the emcee for the evening, Lady Chablis, assisted representatives from each of the 5 affiliated organizations in the raffle ticket drawing. Raffle ticket sales brought in an additional $600 which was split among the 5 organizations, along with proceeds from admission ticket sales.

Sylvia came back at the start of the second half with more banter and songs, followed by pianist David Horton who played a Rachmaninov Prelude to a totally enraptured audience. David then accompanied Shelly Cooper as she performed “Old Friend” and “Get Here”, both from Broadway shows. John Hoover and James Maltos came back for two more of John's original songs and Roberto Souza concluded the evening, performing to Cyndi Lauper's version of “True Colors” and a haunting song by Canadian Singer Loreena McKennitt called “Never Ending Road”.

This was primarily an evening for fun and socializing with people from all sexual orientations and all age groups, where they could just have a classy place to meet at an affordable price, view unique works of art, enjoy a drink (or not) with friends and be entertained by local artists. But it was also a fundraising event for the 5 organizations. After all expenses were paid, each organization received a check for just over $600, thanks to all of those who supported this first ever Tacoma PFLAG social evening with their advertising dollars, by purchasing an admission ticket or a raffle ticket.

As one survey responder commented, “ It was a great evening and PFLAG is to be thanked a million times for doing this – the idea of doing a show for the community was outstanding. We realize how much time and effort it takes to put this together, and we are deeply appreciative. It was a wonderful evening and we saw a lot of friends.”

And for those who asked if this type of event will be repeated again next year, the answer is yes. Look for announcements in early 2009. Based on survey feedback, it will be held on Saturday, February 28, 2009 at the same venue, with gallery viewing from 6:15 to 7:45 PM and entertainment from 8 to 9:30 PM, with no intermission.

The Grand Lobby of the History Museum

PFLAG Board members ready to greet guests

PFLAG Board Members

Guests lining up to retrieve pre-paid tickets

PFLAG Pres. Claudia Latham with Anita and Brenda

A sold out crowd enjoying the entertainment